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About Chow Town by Nedbank

Chow Town by Nedbank is an entertaining, educational experience for the Roblox metaverse aimed at South African youth.

As a “restaurant tycoon” based on culturally distinct foods and traditions, Chow Town by Nedbank gives children the opportunity to immerse themselves in an Afro-futuristic street market and be the boss of their very own takeaway business. Along the way, they also get the opportunity to socialise with other young entrepreneurs and carve out a communal, relatable space which centres their own lived experiences.

The game emphasises positive money messages while players engage, offering them an entertaining way to understand key financial concepts and giving parents a healthy, relevant option for their children’s gaming activities. Every “boerie roll” or “bunny chow” sold in the game is underpinned by entrepreneurial values to leave a lasting positive impact long after the game session ends.

A first in this space for a bank on the continent, Chow Town by Nedbank aims to lead the way for more experiences of this nature, and show the world that Africa is more than an afterthought in the new digital reality.

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Principles of entrepreneurship

Players can see the cycle of running a business, from getting an investment, to spending money on raw items, and earning money upon selling the items. The player can even claim a cash injection when they run out of money, so at no point will they be unable to prepare and serve food.

The player can upgrade to sell many other food types, expand their customer base, and as they expand their business, they earn more money.

Additionally, the importance of responsibility for success is demonstrated by the fact that food can be spoiled if over-cooked, resulting in the loss of money on that item as the player cannot sell it.

What the experience is like

Roblox experiences are centred around a player avatar who can walk, jump, look around and interact with a 3D environment. Avatar gestures and chat functions are also built into the experience.

Chow Town by Nedbank players start at the entrance of a street market – a park surrounded by eight business plots. These plots hold most of the core game mechanics, while the park itself is a combination of aesthetic scenery and playground equipment. Up to eight players can be on the same server at the same time, making the park a communal environment to allow socialisation between players..

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How to play

Hey, Mums and Dads, kids all over the world are playing Roblox! Nedbank has joined the Roblox train by launching a game called Chow Town by Nedbank. It’s never too early to start learning about entrepreneurship and making better money choices. Nedbank is the first bank in Africa to launch a game on Roblox to empower your children to play, learn and earn.

Let the chow down begin!
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